Few businesses are caught in the mystery of trying to choose whether to invest on a promotional video campaign. If you are not using promotional video as your marketing component, you will be left behind. I have gathered nine most significant benefits of a promotional video, let’s explore.

i. Video advertising is in trend. The statistics show that the customers are watching more video, that is the most significant advantage. Around 4 billion videos are being watched on YouTube on daily basis and almost one-third of audience will buy a product after viewing a video promotion.

ii. Increase in sales. The giants of online shopping platforms like eBay and Amazon, show that embedding a video promotion to a product detail raise the prospects of a user purchasing that product by more than 35 percent.

iii. Videos are being shared. People who watch a video promotion and find it appealing or important will share it with their connections on social media sites. Over 700 videos are being shared by Twitter alone in a minute. This tells us that the video promotion can offer you a huge benefit of expanded exposure within minutes.

iv. Video promotions perform well among mobile users. One of the biggest audience of promotional videos is mobile users. Around 88 percent of short videos that businesses share are watched through mobile devices, unlike PCs.

v. Video is an effective and brilliant form of educating. Since it integrates visual and audio components that attract diverse senses of a person, video promotions are also excellent medium for education. They are particularly efficient when used for product show reel or guides, since audience can see how specific things can work.

vi. Videos have a good rating at search engines. The search engines place a preference on video material when twisting their algorithms that offer specific sites higher on the result pages. Sharing videos through social media, placing them on blog posts and integrating them on your website augments the potential that your target market will find you when looking for pertinent details.

If these benefits of promotional video didn’t encourage you to get started, here’s one more huge reason to get tract: your rival is sharing videos and grabbing the attention of your prospect clients. Now, you should not wonder if you need to bring a promotional video in your marketing to-do list.

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